Questions for Dr. Rhiannon Evans

My questions revolve largely around Julius Caesar’s actual and planned reforms.

My questions are primarily grounded in H. H. Scullard’s book From the Gracchi to Nero A history of Rome from 133 B.C. to A.D. 68, Fifth Edition, pages 144 – 147.

First, what do you think of Scullard’s books?

Second, was Roman civil law ever (re)codified (after the apparent codification 500 years prior to Caesar)? If not, how was precedent recorded? If not codified/recorded, how was arbitrariness avoided (or ….)?

Third, whatever became of the notion of forming [approximately 20?] colonies for/consisting of the ‘surplus population? By this I mean: was the ‘surplus population’ to go willingly … or otherwise, who paid for what, were both sexes to be shipped off, what is a ‘local senator’, what were ‘Latin rights’, why ‘only’ 100,000 citizens and not 320,000 citizens … perhaps you can elaborate on this topic more generally? To what extent did such colonization really take place proximate to Caesar and later?

Fourth, how large was this ‘surplus population’ in Rome over time, i.e., from the beginning of the Republic to the end of the Western Empire to what sizes did it grow and shrink and grow …?

Fifth, what would it have meant “ … for the future enfranchisement of doctors and teachers in Rome” to have taken place? By the way, what benefits –- if any — did doctors really provide at the time and how was the educational system ‘organized’ and was there any standardization?

The calendar adjustments are too well known, so please no more than a mere mention at most (which I believe you have already done).


Lou Sheehan

Rancho Cucamonga, California, USA


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