Scientists Confirm: Mysterious Humanoid ‘Shigir Idol’, “Oldest in World”

Scientists Confirm: Mysterious Humanoid ‘Shigir Idol’, “Oldest in World”

Face of the mysterious Shigir Idol

At a press conference on August 27th, scientists confirmed that the famous Shigir Idol, just recently radiocarbon-dated at approximately 11,000 years old, will become one of the oldest wooden sculptures of its kind, placing it at over twice the ages of Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid.

Extracted by archaeologists in 1894, the mysterious humanoid Shigir Idol was found in bits and pieces scattered throughout a peat bog on the eastern-slope of the Middle Ural mountains in western Russia. The idle’s reconstruction, standing 9.2 feet tall in a glass box filled with inert gas to preserve the wooden remnants, is thought to have originally towered at 17.4 feet. Original pieces missing from the dig which had not yet been added to the reconstruction disappeared during the Soviet era and now only survive in detailed drawings.

Faces of the Shigir Idol (Drawing)

Scientists have reported that the Shigir Idol appears to display what some would call an ancient codex upon its eight faces and three-dimensional structure. Attempts to decipher messages left by ancient civilizations have so far revealed few clues.

Still, according to Thomas Terberger, a member of the team who recently dated the idol,

“This is an extremely important data for the international scientific community. It is important for understanding the development of civilization and the art of Eurasia and humanity as a whole.”

While some have described looking upon the idol with awe, others describe the figure as “haunting.”


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