Donald Trump continues to pull ahead amoung Republican Primary Voters 8/22/15


2016 National Republican Primary

Currently tracking 142 polls from 28 pollsters
Updated about 7 hours ago
This chart combines the latest opinion polls and is updated whenever a new poll is released.

Pollster Trend

  •   Donald Trump26.6%
  •   Jeb Bush10.7%
  •   Ben Carson9.3%
  •   Marco Rubio6.8%
  •   Mike Huckabee5.5%
  •   Ted Cruz5.3%
  •   Carly Fiorina5.2%
  •   Scott Walker5.1%
  •   Rand Paul4.6%
  •   Chris Christie3.3%
  •   John Kasich2.9%
  •   Rick Perry1.9%
  •   Bobby Jindal1.2%
  •   Lindsey Graham0.9%
  •   Rick Santorum0.8%
  •   George Pataki0.1%
  •   Jim Gilmore0.0%
  •   Undecided
  •   Other

Not written but only posted by Louis Sheehan


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