Gold and relativity


I’ve told David Wilcock (and Jimmy, and Don Ecker and others) about some of the special qualities of gold.  Of course, I also have realized it is the color our sun (a plausible god to the ancients) and vaguely recollect it is malleable (?) and has non-rusting properties (?) but it galls me that none of the gold-focused experts (Sitchen and Wilcock) ever bothered to look into gold’s chemical and relativistic properties and why they might be of particular value [presumedly to aliens].  I attribute the lack of effort yo one thing: laziness (perhaps lack of ability and other factors, but certainly laziness).

“I was also amazed to learn from Mr. Scerri that gold’s characteristic color comes from the effect of relativity on the inner shells of its electrons. I hadn’t imagined that gold’s color (so different from its periodic neighbors, platinum and mercury) owed so much to relativistic effects, which tend to be associated with much higher-energy phenomena than atomic structure. Yet without relativity, gold would look like silver.”
— Lou

Lou Sheehan

Master of Bioscience, Class of 2016

Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences

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