New York Times June 11, 1864 “The Kentucky Raid”

June 11, 1864

THE KENTUCKY RAID; Ordnance Train Attacked A Member of the Legsislature Killed. Later Lexington Entered by a Part of Morgan’s Band The Rebels Whipped by Gen.Burbridge. The Repetitions of History. Nomination of Aaron H. Cragin, for United States Senator, from New-Hampshire. The Sixth Ohio Volunteers

LOUISVILLE, Ky., Friday, June 10.

The ordnance train from Frankfort, yesterday, was attacked near Bagdad, by a rebel force under JENKINS.

Mr. SHANKS, a Union member of the Kentucky Legislature, was killed in the encounter.

Railroad men think that the train may have returned safely to Frankfort, as its engine was reversed immediately upon the attack, and the cars proceeded toward Frankfort.

A car of armed soldiers which proceeded up the road last night, to learn the extent of the disaster, has not returned, and we have no telegraphic communication with Frankfort since yesterday afternoon.

CINCINNATI, Friday, June 10.

Gen. BURBRIDGE, who has been following the rebels since they left Pound Gap, came up with them yesterday at Mount Sterling and whipped them handsomely.

A portion of MORGAN’s command entered Lexington at 2 o’clock this morning, burned the Kentucky Central Railroad depot, robbed a number of stores, and left at 10 o’clock in the direction of Georgetown and Frankfort. BURBRIDGE followed them.


CINCINNATI, Friday, June 10.

One of MORGAN’s men, captured at Maysville, reports that the force in Kentucky is immediately under the command of Gen. MORGAN, Col. ALSTON and Col. SMITH; that the total force is about 3,000, a large portion of them dismounted cavalry.

They entered the State at Pound Gap, preceded by a scouting party under EVERRELLE to pick up horses for their dismounted men, passed through Hazel Green, Owingsville and Flemingsburgh, and took Maysville without resistance, robbing its citizens of money and other valuables. The farms of Union men were stripped of horses, while those of rebel citizens were protected.

EVERELLE left Maysville on Wednesday for Mount Sterling, at which place it is thought MORGAN’s men are concentrating, with the intention of attacking Lexington.

The position of affairs in the central part of the State to-day is not known, as communications are broken with Lexington. It is thought that the intention of the rebels is to destroy all the railroads possible, and to make their exit through Central Kentucky and Middle Tennessee.

The Kentucky Central Railroad is being repaired. Trains will run to Cynthiana to-morrow.

Gen. HOBSON left Covington to-day, to open communications with Lexington.

To the Editor of the New-York Times:

“History repeats itself.” “And there is no new thing under the sun.”

For the original of the Cleveland Convention, see 1st Samuel, 22d chapter, 2d verse:

“And every one that was in distress, and every one that was in debt, and every one that was discontented, gathered themselves unto him; and he became a Captain over them: and there were with him about four hundred men.”


CONCORD, Friday, June 10.

The Republican members of the Legislature met in caucas last night, and nominated AARON H. CRAGIN, of Lebanon, for United States Senator, in place of Mr. HALE. There were four ballotings. On the first ballot G.M. Marston had 59; A.H. Cragin, 58; Amos Tuck, 37; John P. Hale, 27; J.M. Edwards, 19; and five scattering. On the fourth ballot the whole number was 201; Mr. A.H. Cragin had 126; Mr. Marsten, 75.

NASHVILLE, Friday, June 10.

The Sixth Ohio Volunteers will arrive to-day, en route to the North, to be mustered out of service.

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