Ring around the Rosie

Posted but not written by: Lou Sheehan

Ring-a ring-a roses
A pocket full of posies
Atishoo Atishoo
We all fall down.

The rhyme originated from the plague in London in 1665.
The red rings on the skin were the first sign of the plague.
The posies were the herbs and spices carried by people
because they thought the disease was carried in the smell.
The last part was when the person died.

The rhyme continued to be used referencing small pox outbreaks.
long after the Great Fire of London in 1666 burnt out the spread
of plague.
Source(s): A Londoner
Claudia · 4 years ago
Ring around the Rosie was a song made when the black plague hit.

Ring around the Rosie- there was a black ring around the red/pink blotch of skin

Pockets full of posies- people would have their pockets filled with posies (flowers) to hide the smell of dead flesh (that’s what happened when you had the plague)

Husha, Husha,- the actual way this song was written, Ashes, Ashes, where changed with Husha, Husha, when it was changed into a childrens song.
Ashes was said, because they would burn the dead bodies to stop the spreading of the plague after they died.

We all fall down- that was used in the terms “everybodies downfall” as in everybody dying from the black plague.

The childrens version today:
“Ring around the Rosie,
Pockets full of posies.
Husha, Husha.
We all fall down”

The Black Plague (real) version:
“Ring around the Rosie,
Pockets full of posies.
Ashes, Ashes.
We all fell down”

Please answer and I’ll be happy :3
BlueJay · 4 years ago
John Smith is wrong. Ring around the rosies refers to the red rashes from the bubonic plague. Pocket full of posies refers to the flowers people would keep because they thought if they could smell flowers and sweet smells, that they would not get the plague.
Source(s): school
Elias Ghribi · 4 years ago
It is a song associated with the Black death/ black plague. The ring described is the rash that most people would get around their necks and the pocket full of posies was to explain the flowers that they put the pockets of these dying people to cover the stench of death. That’s what I’ve been taught.
BreadManPancake · 4 years ago
Pretty sure that relates back to the plague. “Ring around the rosie” -refers to a red mark, supposedly the first sign of the plague. And “a pocket full of posie” refers to when people used to carry herbs around in their pockets, thinking it would ward off the plague.
Source(s): Friend of mine wrote a research paper on this a couple of years back.
Dafarkh · 4 years ago
it’s about the bubonic plague in london
ring around the rosie means rings around the eyes
pocket full of posies was a supposed cure
a tissue a tissue means sneezing
we al fall down means dying
John Smith · 4 years ago
it came from the black plague
“ring arround the rosie” meaning the rings people got arround their arms fron the disease
“pocket full of posies” the stench of death was overpowering, so they put posies in their pockets to help with the stench
“ashes ashes we all fall down” meaning almost everyone died in europe frome this whorrible disease
Source(s): 6th grade history
Kristin · 4 years ago
If I remember correctly.. in the medieval times, if a rash formed in a circle anywhere on you, you would die from an illness- the plague i think. people would carry around flowers to place next to the dying people. Ashes refers to the burning dead bodies and then falling down refers to the down fall of that time period.
ALLCAPSRAGE · 4 years ago
a song about Small Pox
Jesere · 4 years ago

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It’s talking about the black death in Europe in the middle ages……at the end when “we all fall down” is talking about how everybody I’d dying

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