Was Kennedy shot from the front?


As the list goes on, it is more relevant. You could start watching at minute:

1. 44:15 or
2. 45:41 or
3. 47:18 *
4. 47:45 **
5. 48:25 ***
6. 50:00 **** 50:00 to 50:37

Minute 50:00 to 50:37 is the most important. I would like to see if there is a consensus about this in the medical field. [This is the question Jim Marrs did not ‘get’, i.e., is it true about all the nerves/back stronger therefore head goes back which is different than the watermelon question as the watermelon being shot is not attached to nerves and a body and, thus, when a watermelon is hit by a bullet from behind it goes foreward.]

If you start at minute 44:15 be a little patient.

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