Regarding Danny Sheehan’s Claims

From: AboveTopSecret


There were these photographs of unmistakable — of a UFO sitting on the ground. It had crashed, apparently. It had hit into this field and had dug up, kind of plowed this kind of trough through this field. It was wedged into the side of this bank. There was snow all around the picture. The vehicle was wedged into the side of this mud-like embankment — kind of up at an angle. There were Air Force personnel. As I cranked the little handle, and looked at additional photos, these Air Force people were taking pictures. In the photograph they were taking photographs of this vehicle. One of the photos actually had the Air Force personnel with this big long tape measure measuring this thing. You could see that they had these parkas on, with little fur around their hoods. You could see that they had the little name tags on their jacket. They were clearly U.S. Air Force personnel. I was kind-of in this strange state saying: “Here it is!” So I turned the crank for more pictures, and I could see on the side of this craft these, like, little insignias – little symbols. So I turned ahead a couple of pictures to see if there was a closer picture. Sure enough, there was. One of the photos had kind of a close-up picture of these symbols. So what I did is — I was getting nervous — I looked around, and the guys weren’t watching or anything. They were outside of the room, so I took the yellow pad, and I flipped it open to the little grey cardboard backing and I flipped it under the screen. I shrank the size of the picture to the exact same size as the back of the yellow pad, and traced the actual symbols out in detail, verbatim of what was there. Then I said, like, I’m going to leave. That’s it. I’ve got this, and I don’t want to push my luck on this thing…

SD; The other question of course is what became of the yellow pad with the cardboard backing?

DS: Oh, I still have that. SDI: You do?

DS: Oh yes.

SDI: Has anyone analyzed that? Have you had anyone take a look at that?

DS: Well actually, no. I’ve got it in all my Jesuit Headquarters files. I have them all in file drawers that are in the basement of the garage.

SDI: What would be the chances of doing a scan of or reproduction of…

DS: Well, I’m obviously going to have to do that one of these days. You know when I got asked to give a presentation to MUFON, I figured it was just important to tell people about this. I guess I should have realized the potential importance of the data. There should come a time when I should dig these documents out, and make them available, which I am going to have to do.…

This is 6 years ago.

I have been trying to find out if he kept his promise and made his stuff available, but no luck.

Does anyone here know if he ever released anything? I’d be interested to see the drawing of the symbols and see if they in any way mach the drone’s.

[ My intention with my blog is to simply collect articles of interest to me for purposes of future reference. I do my best to indicate who has actually composed the articles. NONE of the articles have been written by me. – Louis Sheehan ]

Posted but not written by: Lou Sheehan


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