Escape — The Invader


Escape – The Invader              

“The Invader” is a simple science fiction tale from 1953, but it still holds up as one ofEscape‘s best episodes. There are some similarities toThe Twilight Zone‘s 1961 episode “The Invaders” and to anX Minus One episode from 1956 called “Pictures Don’t Lie” but neither has the wit of Escape‘s story.

“The Invader” begins with an atomic bomb test in the Nevada desert. The explosion is observed by a space ship on its way to Earth carrying the advance guard of a more evolved race.

These beings already know a few things about humans and the Earth…and it irks them that their superiors stuck them with a mission to such a tedious and primitive planet.

Then, we meet Mr. Albert Tanner and his wife Martha.  Mr. Tanner teaches high school chemistry in La Mirada, California, but his own experiments are what really interest him.

When he accidentally makes contact with the incoming space ship on his radio set, Mr. Tanner is thrilled. His wife is not. She then makes hysterical phone calls to the police and the army about the space men her husband talks to on his radio…

“The Invader” was directed byAntony Ellis and written by Michael Gray. It starredHoward McNear as Albert Tanner,Fay Baker as Martha, andEdgar Barrier as the Commander. Also appearing werePaul Frees,Peter Leeds, Bill Bissell and LeRoy Leonard. This episode aired on March 29, 1953.

.Download Escape_53-03-29_-176-_The_Invader

Here also is X Minus One‘s similar story, “Pictures Don’t Lie.”

.   Download xmn1.1956.10.24_Pictures_Don’t_Lie.mp3

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