3. Your Thighs Control Your Life

Posted by Louis Sheehan

Join the Book Club! As an introductory offer, we’ll send you the following books by Edwina Friedman absolutely free:

1. Eat, Run, Stay Fit And Die Anyway

2. How To Seem Intelligent

3. Your Thighs Control Your Life

4. How to Rid Yourself Of Doubt…Or Should You?

5. 64 Good Reasons For Giving Up Hope


6. Poems for the Insane

7. A Complete List of All The Things That Are Still Pending

8. Your Shoes Are Worth Money

9. What To Wear On The Toilet

10.   124 Simple Exercises For Your Teeth


11. I Fought the Frog, and the Frog Won

12. 6 Ways To Mess Things Up Before Breakfast

13. Marriage For One

14. I Suck-You Suck

15. I Gave Up Hope And Died And It Worked!


16. How To Turn Unbearable Pain Into Extra Income

17. How To Wave Goodbye Without Moving Your Arms

18. How To Lease Out The Space Inside Your Nose

19. Self-Mutilation As An Attention Getter

20. 600 Ways To Give People The Shaft

21. How to Spoil Other People’s Fun

22. 100 Dead People Nobody Misses

23. Backpacking For Shut-Ins.

24. The Intravenous Cookbook


25. The Food Coloring Diet

26. Cooking With Heat

27. The Wrong Underwear Can Kill

28. How To Organize A Tupperware Gang Bang

29. How To Get A Tan With A Flashlight

So call now. Right now! Join the Book Club today!


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