15,000 Joe Frazier vs. Muhammad Ali

Muhammad  Ali / Joe Frazier I PosterItem Inquiry


Item # PS-3727


Linen backed 25 x 35″ commemorative poster originally published in 1971 for the first Ali/Frazier fight on March 8, 1971 at Madison Square Garden. Features leRoy Neiman illustrations of both boxers. Autographed by Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier and leRoy Neiman. In near mint condition.

Also available autographed by Ali and Frazier.

Item # PS-4791-5 … $7,500.00

Authenticated by Steve Jackson Authentications and Online Authentics

Posted by Louis Sheehan

Fight History


“The Fight of the Century”
Madison Square Garden, NY
March 8, 1971
Frazier won a 15-round unanimous decision

Frazier grew up in a poor Southern family, so poor that he couldn’t afford a punching bag. Instead, he improvised by cutting leather into the shape of a punching bag, filling it with foam-wrapped bricks, and hanging it from the … Read More



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