Harrisburg University FOW December 2011 A Petition to the author(s) of “Watching HU” on behalf the HU Faculty of the Whole.

Harrisburg University FOW December 2011

A Petition to the author(s) of “Watching HU” on behalf the HU Faculty of the Whole.

In 1967, Robert F. Kennedy delivered a speech in Philadelphia addressing the growing dissent that now succinctly defines the period of the 1960’s. In that speech, Kennedy ended a particular thought saying: “the sharpest criticism often goes hand in hand with the deepest idealism and love of country”.

Watching HU:

If your motivation is truly rooted in a deep idealism and passion for the success of this university as you proclaim, then I will neither challenge your right to dissent nor will I address the specific criticisms contained in your writings. The present forum is no more adequate for a meaningful discourse on those subjects than that provided by the safe anonymity of an internet blog. In retrospect, however, I have come to realize that my choice of the above quote was not meant to provide consolation or even some vestige of affirmation for your right to engage in the manner of your discourse. The words are a call to the rest of us. By way of this petition, therefore, we the undersigned demand that you immediately and permanently close the blog.

By now, even you must be aware that the desired intent of your activity has not been realized. At what point in your analysis did you conclude that minimizing the dignity of staff and faculty members through insult, personal attack and public humiliation constituted a reasonable and effective means towards the attainment of some perceived greater good? How, by sowing dysfunction, distrust, and animosity among members of an organization do you expect functionality and cohesiveness to flourish? You cause damage to the very thing you seek to repair, and in so doing, you damage yourself. The negative impact of your product has been realized by the entire HU community, and sadly, by our students most of all. There is no logic to this enterprise and it must stop now.


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