“Model Students”

1.  Smith

I’ll ask Darr: what services are available (at least to the favorites?) that I don’t even know about?

2.  Jones

I know some of the “favs” are allowed to play video games on the study room, had keys to the video lab when it was over in strawberry square, get the freebie shirts and swag, have access to the $.25 soda machines, use the refrigerator, think they own the library conference room and leave their books there overnights etc

3.  Smith:

What study room?  What .25 cent sodas?!?!?   See, they bury it so the regular joe won’t notice their abuse.

4. Jones

the end study room by market street is the game room, 0.25 sodas available in the mail room on the first floor and in the kitchen on the 14th floor.

5.  Smith

Who can get these?  Are they still there?

6.  Jones

I believe the model students.

7. Smith

This is till available?

8.  Jones

I think but NOT positive,

another thing that pisses me off is that some students seem to be allowed to use the microwaves while the rest of us are not

9.  Smith

i.e., K—-.

10.  Jones

more than just k—- on the microwave

My bitches are a bit trivial compared to ones related to attendance and fudging grades.

11.  Smith

Did I tell you they set up a meeting for Z— with S— so then S— could then say he ‘knew’ Z— and then could write a recommendation for Z—?  I didn’t know that service was available, did you?

12.  Jones



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