Let’s talk ’bout the Clan

I’m not fully organized/geared up for this yet. But here are a few – many more to come – topics I can begin to discuss either here and/or at my blog:

1. What student has been improperly ‘in the presence of’ which teachers in the Clan?

2. How many hours are the students and teachers really putting into their junior and senior projects? (Many fun fact patterns to discuss!)

3. Let’s have a little chat about the behaviors of the “Model Students”! And I have pictures!

4. For which students do the Clan find the time to ‘go to bat”?

5. Why is Jennifer Olivetti no longer at HU?

And the Clan ‘doesn’t get’ how they are the very people discouraging retention!

[Quick notes: Student Newspaper
Diversity Club
Volunteering for the University]


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