Corso FBI File (to be added)

The Computer UFO Network
Originally posted on the CUFON web site 3 July 2000.
Controversy has surrounded Philip Corso’s book The Day After Roswell (ISBN 0- 671-00461-1) since its publication in July 1997. The debate over the merits of the material presented in the book has basically resolved into two positions: one of persons who generally accept that there is at least some truth to the material in the book mainly based on Lt. Col (Ret.) Corso’s credentials as a career Army officer, and the other of persons who think the material lacks documentation and that Corso’s credentials are not all they seem.
Strong words have been exchanged by the proponents of these positions, some of which have centered on Corso’s character, and the contents of his FBI file figured prominently in these discussions. CUFON is pleased to be able to provide Corso’s FBI file so that all may read it and draw their own conclusions. This has been made possible by Jan Aldrich of Project 1947 who provided the FBI file and by Roderick Dyke who underwrote the Adobe Acrobat software used to prepare this presentation.
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Adobe Acrobat ® Software underwritten by:
Roderick Dyke Archives for UFO Research, News and Information Services


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