First ask: “Why do students attend University?”  Undoubtedly there are many motivations with each individual weighing each motivation differently.  However, it would be difficult to convinced me that the most significant reasons are other than to either or both

(i)            subsequently find more rewarding employment and/or

(ii)          be accepted into the graduate program of choice.

If the University holds out the carrot that graduation from the school will enhance the probability of achieving either or both of the two aforementioned goals, such a carrot would inevitably enhance both recruitment and retention of  students.

What one cost-effective thing can a school do to help its graduates achieve either or both of the above two goals?  I posit the following:

Help its students prepare for the GRE/GMAT/MCAT, etc., and/or achieve professional certifications (I am not familiar with the computer-oriented career paths).  The costs are relatively small and yet the practical effects can be significant.

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Louis Sheehan
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