The Demetabolization of Humanity: If Not Now, When?


Zeta Reticuli is a planetary system including two stars both of which are about 1 billion years older than the Earth’s sun (Adams, 2024).  Zeti Reticuli is 39.2 light years from Earth and Zeta I is approximately one-eighth of a light year from Zeta II  (Njatcha, 2018).

The Zetan Founders evolved on a planet orbiting Zeta I Reticuli and populated a Zeta II Reticulan planet with a genetically altered version – to accommodate different environmental conditions – of their species (Zetapedia, 2039).  Subsequently, on Earth the Founders attempted to genetically modify a native species of simians to approximate the Founders’ appearance and abilities in the context of yet another divergent environment (Meek, 2025).[1] As shown in many artistic renderings as well as written and oral traditions, Humanity has a long record of punctuated periods of involvement with the Founders (Von Daniken, 1970).  Yet, consistent with Human behavior, all such involvement was officially denied and actively concealed by Human authorities (Wagner, 2029).

During the summer of 1947, two Zeta Reticulan I Ovoid-Class extraterrestrial lenticular-shaped aerodyne craft collided while on an observance-only mission over the atomic testing grounds in the State of New Mexico, USA,[2] Earth  (Green, 2017).   Radar film and tower logs from American Holloman Air Force Base reflected the merger of three objects prior to collision and subsequent crashes with the third object believed to be an unrecovered test balloon (Majestic Twelve, 1952). The two Ovoid-Class craft experienced non-planned ground contact at two dispersed sites in New Mexico. [3] Four Zeta Reticulan I bodies were recovered, two of which were unevacuated in a damaged escape cylinder and two of which were found several yards from a second albeit evacuated cylinder (Majestic Twelve, 1952).  One of the four – an evacuated body – was nonmetabolic and badly decomposed as a result of exposure and assumed predatory action.  A second – the second evacuated body – became nonmetabolic within the first hour of the American Army Air Force recovery operation (Briefing Document, 1952).  The two unevacuated bodies became nonmetabolic due to undetermined causes (Hetrick, 2025).  All of the bodies were inadvertently cremated prior to autopsies (Cardene, 2025).

Years of intensive Human study of the retrieved components of the two Ovoid-Class craft seeded numerous Human technological advances.  Within decades of the recovery, the reverse engineering of recovered components led to the fruition, as examples, of fiber optics, integrated circuits, lasers, Kevlar and accelerated particle beam devices (Corso, 1997).

In 2021, Human scientists at the Furey Institute,[4] Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, fully replicated [5] a functioning Ovoid-Class power source (Jefferson, 2022).  The newly named Noorbaksh reactor was fueled with Element 114 [6] in a closed system.   Fueling was the initial step in the provision of amplified Gravity-S waves and Magnetic-S waves allowing Villonian travel (a.k.a. “accelerated light” travel) (Umar, 2027).

The Noorbaksh reactor bombarded Element 114 with hydrogen protons using a microparticle accelerator.  The hydrogen protons fused into the Element 114 nucleus creating the misnamed  “radioactive”[7] form of Element 115 [8] (“R-115”).  The almost simultaneous decay of R-115 [9] produced one particle of a type of anti-matter known as Sigma-Hydrogen as well as a large number of tachyons.  The flux of newly produced Sigma-Hydrogen particles and tachyons were channeled through an evacuated tuned tube and further contained within a flowing stream of higgs-boson particles where they were reacted with condensed dark matter in a Cannonian Annihilation Reaction (Ibric, 2024).

The generation of the Subquarkian-Gravity-S-Magnetic-S Waves theoretically allowed the craft to “fall” through space and time to its targeted (a.k.a. “attracted”) position at velocities of up to 1,000 times the speed of light (“1000-c”). [10] However, the inefficiencies of the Human constructed “Model H.U. 23” restricted Villonian travel to speeds of under 12-c.[11]

With the Human National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s first successful interplanetary flight in the Schiavelli Program (the first manned extra-Earth program after the suspension of the Apollo Program),[12] overt and nonconcealable [13] Zeta Reticulan contact was initiated in compliance with Zeta Reticulan Containment Policy: Earth (Pyramid 0099742.7760.04, 2039).


[1] Human reproductive capacity, however, is significantly greater than is the Founders’  (Massengale, 2026).

[2] “USA” and “America” are interchangeable names for the most powerful political entity on Earth during this time frame.

[3] Subsequent to this SNAFU, Zeta Reticulan regulations were adjusted to prohibit Zeta Reticulan Graduate Students from engaging in unaccompanied field studies of inhabited planets (Pyramid 3301003.0020.54, 1947).

[4] Dr. R. Furey was one of Earth’s two leading and farsighted UFOlogists in the second decade of the 21st Century (Vaideeswaran, 2024).

[5] Funding was provided by Dr. K.M. stDarr’s donation of the patent to the Guinness Device.

[6] “Mickleonium.”

[7] Radioactive decay is conventionally described as the emission of ionizing particles and radiation (Wikipedia, 2039).   As is well known, the technical term for the R-115 process is “Kehlerian Enahanced Restabilization.”

[8] “Afuapeionium.”

[9] Persuant to the “Island of Stability” properties of Element 114 (Nova scienceNOW, 2039).

[10] Einsteinian distortions are irrelevant in Villonian travel (Coleman, 2027).

[11] This technology is dated by Galactic standards.

[12] See: “The Unending Book of Unending Homework Problems” by S. Benigni.

[13] For culturally idiosyncratic reasons, it was necessary to establish the Zetan base on the “White House lawn” despite the intrinsically poor meteorological conditions  (Bates, 1940).


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