Maginot Line

Is Waa Ching Hu clueless or what?!?  Harrisburg University of Science and Technology has, in the relatively recent past, hired a new professional for Student Services about whom there has not been a single complaint and about whom the students universally voice praise.  Really: she is very good.

At least Boo Ching Hu recognizes the importance of Student Services and we, the students, look forward to a new hire for those important and time demanding responsibilities to be shared between two professionals!  It is truly amazing what one person is accomplishing and we eagerly await the support of a second dedicated professional.  The ‘Word Around Town’ is that the new hire has lots of experience, a good track record, and is in the mold of the other new Student Services employee; he/she is expected to directly and immediately and effectively help students at HU to successfully transition to the working world!

Yet more, Boo-Hoo-Hu doesn’t ‘get’ how much we, the students, have benefited from a relatively level hierarchical structure.  We have been impressed with the Provost’s accessibility, reasonableness and savvy: fast responses to e-mails, easy to stop in and talk with, confidence that he is aware that HU exists for the students and not to feather the nests of the … less able.   One thing is clear: Boo-Hoo-Hoo is not sharing the ‘student experience’ at HU!

Tick Tock


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