Behind the Curve

No, no.  Tsk, Tsk.  Wrong guess.  But I’ll give you another 50 tries.

“The Greeks boarded their ships,

Having set all their tents on fire; yet other kings,

In great Odysseus’s command, hid in the horse

In Troy’s vast marketplace, whence the Trojans

Drew it up to Ilium; there, they sat about it,

And debated on how to dispose the gift.”

Homer, Odyssey, Book 8, lines 500 – 506

“In the hide of a nine-year-old ox, Aeolus enfolded

The airy blasts of all the stormy winds;

For Zeus had made him steward of the winds,

Giving him power to raise and calm them,

And these he gave me, thus curbed of their rage.”

Homer, Odyssey, Book 10, lines 19 – 22


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