The Coward deleted my comments several times ….

Grasshopper –

“You think wisdom is like a flower for you to pluck? It is a mountain and it must be climbed.” — Caine, Episode 23

Your knowledge of so few of the relevant facts is insulting; undoubtedly, that is why you are where you are. You are simply wrong about Dr. Darr. His fault is that he is TOO NICE. What he must do is develop the courage to issue pink slips to those few faculty and staff members who are self-evidently committed to themselves, and not to the success of the entire student body.

Hopefully he will start – but not end – with you.

Your posts reflect your immaturity and pitiful lack of ability to gather the relevant facts and make coherent and convincing arguments. Honesty and fairness are not your strong suits, are they? No, Grasshopper, despite how reality might appear to you, the world is not flat. Frustrated that your spoiled and coddled childhood has come to an end? Well, little one, you just keep blogging away — obviously, that’s the best you can do — while most of the rest of us live productive lives.

“Those incapable of understanding The Way, see things divine as monsters.” — Master Po, Episode 41.

“You cannot expect to meet a Master … until you have first faced a student.” — Master Po, Episode 48

“Mockery belongs to fools.” — Master Kan, Episode 30

“When words are not better than silence, one should keep silent.” — Caine, the Pilot

“Perhaps you should think again ….” — Caine, Episode 37

“Hate is an unfaithful weapon.” — Caine, Episode 15

“It is said that honor dies where interest lies.” Caine, Episode 35

“Look beyond the surface, see what is real … in yourself and others.” — Master Kan, Episode 31

“ … the silkworm. It frantically spins a thread, believing it to be protection for itself. But it is a tomb.” — Caine, Episode 9

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